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TCF - Test de connaissance du français, General public

TCF for the general public at Lyon Bleu International

The TCF General public allows you to have an official reference certificate to prove your level for personal or professional reasons. The TCF General public is required for university entrance.

On your certificate, you will receive a score that determines your level of knowledge of the French language according to the 6 levels of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR): A1 to C2.

TCF exam at Lyon Bleu International


From 1h30 to 2h30 with options


Individual computer test with headphones + individual oral interview

Exam validity

2 years


130€ for the compulsory test

/ €70 per optional test

Skills assessed

Written and oral comprehension skills in the form of MCQs, written tests and interviews with examiners

Levels assessed

From A1 to C2

Don't forget

Your valid identity card

TCF exam at Lyon Bleu International
French exam TCF IRN A2 to Lyon Bleu International

TCF tests for the general public :

Several tests make up the TCF General public :

  • A compulsory multiple-choice test (MCQ) to assess listening comprehension, reading comprehension and language structure:
    1h30 approx. - 91 questions
  • An optional written expression test:
    60 minutes - 3 exercises
  • An optional individual speaking test with an examiner accredited by France Eduction International (FEI):
    12 minutes - 3 exercises

All TCF General public take place on the same day. The examination center determines the timetable for each test, which cannot be changed.

Please note that we administer the exam on computernot on paper. If you want to take the exam on paper, you can visit the official FEI website (France Education International) or another school in our group. KLF Keep Learning French.

The TCF for university entrance :

Please note: if you wish to apply for admission to the first year of a bachelor's degree at the university, you will need to take a preliminary admission test (DAP). TCF General public with the written expression test, compulsory.

TCF exam at Lyon Bleu International
TCF exam at Lyon Bleu International

Practical information about the TCF :

As soon as your registration is validated and paid, Lyon Bleu International will issue you with a certificate of registration with theTCF French exam that you can present to justify your actions.

Please note that as the tests are double-corrected at France Education International in Paris, it can take around a month before you receive your results.

Your official results certificate will be valid for 2 years. We strongly recommend that you keep copies of your certificate.

If you fail the exam, you will have to wait at least 30 days between registrations before you can retake it.