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Quality and accreditations


Accreditation Label Qualité FLE

What is the FLE Quality label?

Since 2011, our school has had the French foreign language quality labelissued by the Interministerial Commission for the Labelling of French as a Foreign Language Centres: Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Development international, Ministry of Education, Higher Education and Research, Ministry of Culture and Communication.

This label certifies and guarantees a certain quality of learning with regard to the language courses offered by the school.

To award it, the interministerial commission for labelling is based on these five criteria:

  • Training, education, teaching
  • Teachers
  • Reception, support and assistance
  • Premises, security, equipment
  • Management


FLE Qualiopi

Qualiopi label

Qualiopi is a certification which sanctions the quality of organisations carrying out actions contributing to the development of professional skills.

Lyon Bleu was audited on the 7 criteria of the Qualiopi reference system and obtained this certification in December 2021 for 3 years.


label / accreditation campus-france

Campus France

Member since 2012. French Agency for the promotion of higher education, international student services and international mobility.


label / accreditation group fle

Groupement FLE

Since 2000, Lyon Bleu is an active member of the "Groupement FLE", a professional organisation of FLE schools throughout France and fully meets the quality standards required by this organisation.


IPPF label / accreditation


The INTERNATIONAL FEDERATION OF TEACHERS OF FRENCH is an international non-governmental organization created in 1969, recognized for its role in the promotion and dissemination of the French language throughout the world.


csn label / accreditation


CSN is the authority in Sweden that manages student support:

- study assistance - for upper secondary students (16-20 years old).
- financing of studies - for students in upper secondary school, adult education, folk high schools/colleges and university.
- help for the unemployed.


label / accreditation Bildungs urlaub

Bildungs urlaub

SeminarsThe website provides information, advice and practical help on educational leave - for the whole of Germany.


Ministry of Labour

Ministry of Labour

Lyon Bleu International is a professional training organisation registered with the Rhône prefecture under number 82 69 0780369.

The French language courses provided by Lyon Bleu International can be financed by companies for their employees.


DataDock logo


Lyon Bleu International is DATADOCK registered


Erasmus logo

Erasmus +

Lyon Bleu International receives teaching and non-teaching staff in the framework of Erasmus +/ KA1 European staff mobility exchange projects: general French courses and professional training courses for French teachers

ID NUMBER: EI0043767