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Statistics and results

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Choosing Lyon Bleuis above all choosing quality

Since now, since now  more than 20 years, Lyon Bleu International never ceases to satisfy its students.

In our school we promote important values such as quality of teaching and reception, the shared of cultures but also the spirit of conviviality within the school.

Lyon Bleu also has the Qualité FLE label, a guarantee of quality.

Our main objective is to meet your needs by offering you adapted services.

Since March 2016, students have been invited by email to evaluate every aspect of their stay and programme at Lyon Bleu.

The statistics are compiled and published every semester and year and displayed in the school on a board dedicated to the quality approach.

See the statistics for the last few years below.

Quality statistics 2018

Quality statistics 2018

Quality statistics 2019

Quality statistics 2019

Quality statistics 2020

Quality statistics 2020

Quality statistics 2021

Quality statistics 2021

Pass your exam with Lyon Bleu

Taking a Delf-Dalf-TCF exam

Lyon Bleu International is not an examination centre but can prepare students who wish to take the official Delf/Dalf and TCF tests.
In partnership with the ILCF - examination centre of Lyon for the Delf/Dalf and TCF, Lyon Bleu to help you register for the exams according to the procedures indicated on our page dedicated to preparation courses. (Click here Here for more information on this programme)
Below are the results of the students of Lyon Bleu students who sat for the exams.

Exam results 2019

Delf Dalf Results 2019

Results 2020

(No exams due to the health crisis)

Examination results 2021

Delf Dalf Results 2021

2022 exam results