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Lyon Bleu is happy to welcome you to our different programs in our school or online
Lyon during the festival of lights
French courses all year round for all levels
CoursesAccommodationFrench Online
Discover our French courses
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Lyon Bleu is happy to welcome you to our different programs in our school or online
Classrooms in use
16 classrooms in the heart of the city Lyon
CoursesAccommodationFrench Online
Discover our French courses
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Lyon Bleu is happy to welcome you to our different programs in our school or online
Individual French courses
Quality at your service for 20 years
CoursesAccommodationFrench Online
Discover our French courses
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Lyon Bleu is happy to welcome you to our different programs in our school or online

A French course at Lyon Bleu for all objectives and budgets

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Our hosting offers

In a host family

  • Living in a French family
  • Unique moments of sharing
  • Enjoy a single room
  • Packages with 1 or 2 meals per day
A host family

In residences

  • Be close to the school
  • To be independent
  • Benefit from individual housing
  • For short or long stays
Studio residence

Why choose Lyon Bleu ?

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Why choose Lyon Bleu

Individualised support


Before you arrive:

The team of Lyon Bleu is there every step of the way.

  • to advise you on the French course best suited to your needs,
  • answer your questions and guide you to the best program and accommodation options for your time and budget
  • assist you with your registration and the organization of your visit to Lyon Bleu International

The first day of the program:

  • to greet you over a welcome breakfast.
  • to explain to you your program of courses and activities
  • to answer your questions and assist you

During your program:

  • to meet your needs and requests
  • make suggestions to make the most of your stay in Lyon and around the city. Lyon Bleu International



Free - Every week - 4 to 8 additional French lessons in mini-groups for each level.

Make the most of your time at Lyon Bleu to learn French!

Lyon Bleu offers you every week the possibility to practice French with the tutoring :

  • Lessons in mini-group level with a teacher
  • Free
  • Every week

Tutoring with the teacher is flexible and suitable for all levels and objectives. You can freely increase your learning time in French. Tutoring is fun, useful and free !

Our values


The quality and satisfaction of our students is at the heart of our work every day.

Our mission:

  • to offer you quality, flexible courses, adapted to your availability and budget.
  • to offer you a quality welcome. Our team is at your disposal to help and advise you at any time, before and during your French program.
  • give you a wonderful experience and memories, in accordance with the time and budget you invest in your stay.

The satisfaction and pleasure that our students have in learning French with us at Lyon and to Lyon Bleu is our best reward.



Lyon is a beautiful city, rich in history and projects. Lyon Bleu has chosen to settle down:

  • in the center of Lyon, in the 6th arrondissement near the Parc de la Tête d'or
  • in a quiet and chic area
  • on a mainline subway line
  • 10 minutes walk from the historic centre

Our neighborhood offers:

  • Elegant and authentic neighbourhood cafés and shops
  • activities to suit all budgets and tastes

Our school offers :

  • a welcoming and modern environment.
  • 16 classrooms on 650m² on the ground floor, accessible to people with reduced mobility.
  • a large work and relaxation area

What is the FLE Quality label?

Since 2011, our school has had the French foreign language quality labelissued by the State. The latter makes it possible to certify and guarantee a certain quality of learning concerning the linguistic offer offered by the school.

To award it, the interministerial commission for labelling is based on these five criteria:

  • Training, education, teaching
  • Teachers
  • Reception, support and assistance
  • Premises, security, equipment
  • Management

Source : https://www.qualitefle.fr

Our school is proud to have achieved top marks for every criterion!

More details on our labels and accreditations / our partners

News from Lyon Bleu

Here's what's new: new courses, new activities, new blog posts.

The Blog of Lyon Bleu

The Blog of Lyon Bleu

Discover in-depth articles to guide you in choosing the right type of course and react!

The Semester Course

The Semester Course

Discover our Intensive French course of 25 lessons per week over 12 to 15 consecutive weeks and benefit from attractive prices!

Evening classes online

Evening classes online

Tuesday nights are French classes at home! Learn French with a real teacher and in a group while staying at home...

They trusted us....

Interview with Leanne, 19 years old, English
followed 8 weeks of "Intensive French" courses.

"The best school to learn the language from Molière toLyon."

Andrea, 30 years old, Colombian
followed 12 weeks of "Intensive French" courses.

"Very good atmosphere at school. We had a lot of fun but also learned a lot. Besides, itLyon's a fantastic and interesting city. Thank you very much to the teachers."

Silvia, 44 years old, Swiss
took a 2-week "Professional Business" course.

"The teachers at Lyon Bleu are great in general. Five months ago, I didn't speak a word of French, but now I think I've made a lot of progress. Even if it's difficult, it's still very rewarding. I'm glad I was able to learn that."

Wey-Yi, 28 years old, Taiwanese
followed 7 months of "Semi-Intensive French" courses.

Interview with Jorge, 32 years old, Colombian
followed 30 weeks of "Intensive French" courses.

Interview with Juanita, 18 years old, Colombian
followed 28 weeks of "Semi-Intensive French" courses.

"I had the aim of a single week stay and achieved everything that I intended to. It was to practice my French with no english people to distract me. This worked and I think that I improved."

Caroline, 56 years old, Angolan
followed 1 week of "Intensive French" course.

"It was great! I found the courses very useful and well adapted to my level of French."

Eleonor, 21 years old, German
followed 2 weeks of "Intensive French" course, host family (865 €).

Star Rating

Our former students have rated us!

alonso cano
alonso cano
Anastasia Jean
Anastasia Jean
I arrived in Lyon with zero French knowledge (A1.1), and thanks to Lyon BleuI left three months later with a B2 level! Before starting my course, I received so much help from the director to sort out my visa, classes, and housing. My first month of class, taught by Eva, was truly spectacular. I then had classes with several other teachers, all equally enthusiastic and helpful. Lyon itself is beautiful and located perfectly for those who wish to travel (with Paris, Marseille, and Geneva just a quick train ride away!). Lyon Bleu offers stellar individualized service (of a caliber that I have never encountered at other language schools). It's a true gem. Thank you very much for this unforgettable experience!
Kathryn Hemmer
Kathryn Hemmer
I had during three weeks a language course at the school Lyon Bleu besucht, um mich auf ein Austauschsemester im französischsprachigen Teil der Schweiz vorzubereiten. Dafür habe ich zum einen den Cours de français intensif premium und zum anderen einen Cours individuel ausgewählt. Im Intensivkurs (Level C1) hatte ich Marie-Hélène als Unterrichtende, die als selbstständige Lehrerin von der Schule angestellt ist. Ich war rund um zufrieden mit deren Unterricht. At the beginning of the week, we had one lesson each, which we worked on in the lessons during the day (week 1: art, week 2: environment, week 3: economics). Jeder Morgen war einem anderen Schwerpunkt gewidmet (Grammatik, Sprechen, Schreiben, etc.). Auch die Nachmittage waren diesen Schwerpunkten gewidmet. In these workshops, however, fewer students attended, and we were able to learn about our own personal needs and the training was tailored to our own needs. The training courses of the Intensivkurses gave me the opportunity to learn more. Marie-Hélène überzeugte mit viel Elan und Kreativität. Sie war es nie müde, unsere spitzfindigen Fragen zu beantworten. Zudem war dem Unterricht immer anzumerken, dass sie in dessen Vorbereitung viel Zeit und pädagogisches Fachwissen investiert hatte. Sie verlangte viel und gab uns anspruchsvolle Hausaufgaben, die sie dann auch mit Sorgfalt korrigierte und uns zeitnahe und mit individuellen Feedbacks versehen zurückgab. Auch auf zwischenmenschlicher Ebene nahm ich Marie-Hélène als überaus kompetente Lehrperson wahr. Sie zeigte ehrliches Interesse an ihren Schülerinnen und Schülern und erzählte auch gerne von sich, was eine angenehme Beziehung ermöglichte, die wiederum das Lernklima positiv beeinflusste. I was a little less impressed with the private arrangements. My aim was to make sure that I was able to learn during these lessons. The first problem in the context of this course was that there was a lack of communication between the language organiser (Boa Lingua) and the language school. This led to the fact that my teacher of the first week - but there was a change of teacher between weeks 1 and 2 - did not take anything from my teacher's course and therefore the private lessons were not appropriate for me. Ab Woche 2 änderte sich dies und meine Lehrerin (Romane) hatte sich die Zeit genommen, sich in mein Gebiet einzuarbeiten. Ihren Unterricht fand ich jedoch wenig hilfreich, weil sie sich eng an ein Lehrmittel hielt, das ich zufälligerweise vor meinem Aufenthalt gekauft hatte. Wenn ich dies gewusst hätte, hätte ich wohl auf die Privatlektionen verzichtet und stattdessen das Lehrmittel auf eigene Faust durchgearbeitet. Auch hatte ich den Eindruck, dass meine Lehrerin mit wenig Motivation dabei war - vielleicht lag dies aber auch daran, dass der Privatunterricht immer am späten Nachmittag stattfand. Ich bin mir bewusst, dass die Lehrpersonen von Lyon Bleu selten Privatunterricht in meinem Fachgebiet geben und es deshalb verständlich ist, dass sie meine Erwartungen nicht vollends erfüllt haben. Was mich positiv überrascht hat, war die Flexibilität von Lyon Bleu, as I was previously transferred from the Corona-Pandemie to the home. Innerhalb von zwei Tagen hatte die pädagogische Verantwortliche meinen Stundenplan neu organisiert und ich konnte dem Unterricht von zu Hause aus über Zoom folgen. The two days were not simply frozen - I could have finished them in the next week. Zudem glichen die zum Intensivkurs gehörenden Lektionen dem Privatunterricht, weil ich Eins-zu-Eins-Unterricht mit Marie-Hélène durfte - und dies zum selben Preis! I would especially like to thank Janine, who organised the extracurricular activities. She trotzte den warmen Sommertemperaturen und führte auf ihren Touren durch die Strassen und Museen Lyons. Dabei hatte sie viele spannende Informationen bereit. Am Freitagabend lud sie jeweils zu sich nach Hause ein und kochte französische Spezialitäten - merci!
Lorenz Rolli
Lorenz Rolli
The teachers at this school are fantastic! I highly recommend it.
Karen Johnston
Karen Johnston
Samira Kindler
Samira Kindler
Christoph Hägeli
Christoph Hägeli
Helpful and nice teachers.
Elmar Klausmeier
Elmar Klausmeier
Dopkowski Joshua
Dopkowski Joshua

How do I register?

Price of the stay
Registration Lyon Bleu

I calculate the price of my stay online, free of charge and without registration

If I wish, I would ask Lyon Bleu to register without paying anything

The team of Lyon Bleu validates my registration and informs me of the terms of payment

Why Lyonfor a French course?

Lyon 2nd largest city in France
Lyon's gastronomy
Airport international  Lyon
2000 years of history
Art of living

Both one of the main European cities and capital of the Rhône-Alpes region, Lyonis the second largest city in France. It attracts a large number of visitors throughout the year for business and tourism.

Ideally located between the north and south of Europe, Lyon has always been a major crossroads for exchanges of all kinds. This city has an airport international (Lyon-Saint-Exupéry). Two thousand years of history have left their mark on the urban landscape, from Roman ruins to the most modern architecture. The heritage of the city Lyon highlights different eras and reflects the permanent evolution of the city.

Why Lyonto learn French?

Lyon is an attractive destination to learn French, alone or in a group. It is an authentic, dynamic, safe and secure city with an excellent price/quality ratio. Being "human-sized", it can be reached by foot or by public transport. In addition, Lyon is the capital of gastronomy. You can find many typical restaurants there. To get out, Lyon does not lack addresses and good tips that will please all ages!

To know more about Lyon Bleu