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Lyon Bleu Online : French one-to-one courses

  • Online Courses
  • Permanent visual and oral contact with the teacher throughout the course
  • All levels
  • Packages of 5 or 10 lessons
  • 1 lesson = 45 minutes
On-line courses

Practical information

It is possible to start a one-to-one course every week



Our individual online French course packages can be fully customized according to your needs and objectives.

One individual online French lessons with a teacher is particularly useful:

  • for people who have a very specific need and cannot travel
  • for people who want to learn flexibly and in the comfort of their home or office.
  • for students who wish to start their program online before coming to Lyon Bleu


Our online individual French programs are available all year round for all levels.

The content and programme of the individual online French course is adapted to your specific needs.

The pedagogical team of Lyon Bleu is there to help you define the language skills you wish to improve.

We will create with you your learning program adapted to your expectations and objectives. It will be available online and you will be able to review and adapt the program directly with your teacher whenever necessary.

The teaching material is tailor-made by the teacher to suit your way of learning and the course programme and will be available during the online French course at Zoom.

Lesson times are also scheduled according to your availability.

We will offer you an online course schedule based on your expectations and in accordance with the availability of Lyon Bleuwith the links Zoom to be used for each session.

Price 2023

Online tutoring 5 private lessons
(per week)
10 private lessons
(per week)
General French Individual Online
300€ / week
General French programs - Group courses

General French From 1 to 4 weeks From 5 to 12 weeks From 13 to 24 weeks + 25 weeks
General French Essential
15 lessons/week
155€ / week
145€ / week
General French Standard
21 Lessons/week
220€ / week
210€ / week
General French Intensive
25 lessons/week

Complete Beginners: Minimum 2 weeks of intensive course are compulsory + specific dates of start of courses
250€ / week
240€ / week

Options following a General French program Essential, Standard or Intensive

Private Lessons 5 individual lessons
(per week)
10 individual lessons
(per week)
Option General French one-to-one lessons
240€ / week
450€ / week
Option French exam preparation course
240€ / week
450€ / week
Option French Business
275€ / week
500€ / week

Option following a General French program Essential

French and culture One week only
Option Cultural program
300€ per week
Level A2 minimum recommended - Specific dates : See calendar

e-Learning platform option
Go further and opt for our online platform on specific modules (24 hours access)

e-Learning Per week
KLF online platform
KLF online platform (Exam preparation)

Other programs

Long stays (General French Semester) Spring session
January 9th - April 21st
Summer session
May 8 - August 18 August
Fall session
September 4th - December 15th December
General French Intensive Semester
25 lessons / week for 15 weeks

All levels (B2 and C1: total duration subject to approval)
2790€ for 1 semester
5500€ for 2 semesters

Online evening courses (group) 12 weeks
Tuesday and Thursday from 6 to 7:30 pm
Online evening classes
4 group lessons/week

University Preparation (individual) 2 weeks 4 weeks 6 weeks 8 weeks
University preparation course
5 individual lessons + 5 independent lessons / week
From level B1+ to C1/C2

Private Lessons
(without general French formula)
5 private lessons
(per week)
10 private lessons
(per week)
General French one-to-one lessons
(Also available online)
300€ / week

Training for Teachers of French Program year
21 Lessons/week
Thematic courses
25 lessons/week
Training for Teachers of French
385€ / week

Bildungsurlaub (for workers in Germany)
From 1 to 2 weeks
260€ /week
270€ /week
280€ /week
495€ /week