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how to choose a French course

Learning French in France: how to choose the right French course?

Learn French in a French language school in France?

Or discover a French city?

And also practice French and go sightseeing?

That's time and money well spent!

A Lyon Bleu International for more than 20 years, our team has been answering the requests of the people who contact us. We give them advice on how to choose the most suitable French course for them.

Some people have very clear ideas about what they want in French classes. On the other hand, others are more hesitant or don't know how to choose.

So cow to find the right French course pow to learn French in France and how to choose well?

With this article we want to help you first of all to ask yourself the right questions. Then we want to save you time. And also make sure you've chosen the right French program.

Here are the points on which it makes you think about making the right choice:

  • Time at your disposal 
  • The planned budget 
  • The starting level and the desired level 
  • My objectives
  • Cow I like to learn

How much time do I have available for my French program to learn French in France?

First of all, very often, French courses are organized by week, month or semester.

How much time do you have available to learn French in a French language school in France? 1 or 2 weeks? 1 or 2 months? Several months ?

This is why the choice of the French course will not be the same according to the possible duration of your program.

If you have a short period of time available

it should be privileged:

  • intensive courses,

  • combined formulas with group and individual courses,

  • individual French programs only.

In addition, take advantage of additional services such as online self-study exercises. In our schoolWe have a special free service called tutoring, which is very popular with people in short French programs. They benefit from oral and written practice lessons in mini-groups with a teacher.

Do you have a longer period at your disposal?

Consequently you will be able to take advantage of an important notion in pedagogy. That is to say thatlearning over time is often more effective. Yes, it is. knowledge is assimilated over a longer period of time. So we have more time to progress.

In this case you should choose a program that keeps you busy every day for several weeks. For example, the Standard French program of Lyon Bleu has a fairly intensive volume (21 lessons/week). But it leaves some free time for the rest of the day as well. You can learn French in class of course. Nevertheless, when you are in France to learn French, it is easy to practice French with French people outside the classes.

If you have a long term project

Great, do you have a gap year or a year of university preparation to learn French in France?

So the French course will have to be integrated into a life project.

Give priority to semester programs. They usually last 15/18 weeks.

At Lyon Bleu for example, we offer 3 independent semesters per year for more flexibility.

In the notion of available time there is also the notion of frequency.

Are you working? Or are you studying? Perhaps you take care of your children? Then of course your time availability will be limited.

On the contrary, you have all day every day to learn French?

To learn French in France, a good school will have a wide range of products. It willadapt to all requests, with very flexible formulas of French courses à la carte.

Therefore, learning French in evening classes once or twice a week will be your choice if you have limited time.

If you are available all day every day, then you can choose a more immersive French course.

Learn more about the French course programs at Lyon Bleu

How much money do I plan to spend to learn French in France?

The second important question to consider when choosing your French course is the available budget.

This is a parameter to be combined with the time available.

French schools often offer several volumes and
several programs at different prices to fit their budgets.

The quality/price ratio is a very important notion in the choice of French school and French course.

How many people maximum in a group ?

If a group is 10/12 people, the teacher has time to take care of the students in a balanced way. If there are 15 or 18, it will of course be more difficult.

Are all classes with a teacher or are computer classes mandatory? ?

When looking at the price of a course it is important to look at the composition of the course. It is also necessary to look at the proportion between a course with a teacher and exercises in autonomy with an application.

Learn French in France at Lyon Bleu International under budget
Learn French in France according to your budget

In a project to learn French in France, the duration of the programme also has a bearing on the price.

Are you planning to stay 6 months in a French school? You will need to plan a French course that will allow you to distribute the available budget over a long period of time.

Would you like personalized attention? But an individual course is more expensive than a group course.

In an individual French course the program is entirely personalized and the class time is not shared as in a group course.

But it's more expensive...

Learn French in France to reach which level?

What I want or can achieve during my French course in France.

The question is often the most important one for you. But it also depends on the answers to the previous questions about time and budget.

Learning French in France is of course not the same project as learning French in your own country.

So let's imagine a typical case: I am a beginner (A1) and I want to reach an intermediate level (B1). But I only have 4 weeks at my disposal. Moreover, I have a budget that does not allow me to buy a combined French course. So it is likely that the objectives will have to be reviewed.

 Each level of French requires approximately 120 to 150 hours of lessons.

Therefore, if you do a 20-hour group course per week, it will take 6 to 8 weeks to pass a level.

However, individual courses can be added to the group course. You will then be able to intensify the learning of French through individual lessons, and thus the objective can be achieved in less time.

Above all, it is important to set objectives that are compatible with the time and budget available for the French programme.

What kind of student am I?

Not everyone learns the same way..

This is an important issue as well. Because learning a language is a long process and requires a lot of personal investment, like music or sport, if you want results.

 To learn French well requires memorization (for verbal forms for example). It also requires a certain logic (agreements of nouns and adjectives or role of words in the sentence). It is also important to know how to distinguish sounds that are very close, let alone pronounce them, which implies a "ear" like musicians do.

Don't you have a good memory? Or you're not very sensitive to the Latin logic of our beautiful French language. Then you may need help with individual lessons. You will also be looking for a service such as a Tutorial or a resource centre for additional exercises.

If you're a little shy in a group, you'll have to be a little shy there, too.
perhaps consider taking fewer group French lessons and a little bit of
no more private lessons.

On the contrary, if you like to be in a group, if you like to share...
your class time with other students is a positive experience,
then the group French course is for you.

Also think about your energy and your ability to concentrate.

You mainly wish to be in the most complete immersion possible? And above all you have confidence in your ability to concentrate. Therefore you can choose a very intensive course.

On the contrary, you prefer to have a little less immersion. Then a course with fewer French lessons per week will be more suitable.

In conclusion, a quality French language school is a school that helps you think about and choose the best French program.

It will also offer a wide range of programs to study French in France. And so be able to meet all levels, all budgets, all objectives and all student profiles.

You need to take the time to ask yourself these questions. A quality French school will ask them to the people who contact us. To guide them in their choice.

Because a student is also a customer.

You need advice to organize your stay and your French course. Please contact us!

Our school Lyon Bleu International is part of two important associations in the world of languages, IALC Grouping Fle.

Lyon Bleu International is Fle Quality Label with the maximum 15 possible stars and member of Campus France

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