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Bildungsurlaub - Educational leave for employees in Germany

In Germany, the educational leave, Bildungsurlaub, is the right to paid leave for further training of the worker.

Educational leave is not regulated throughout Germany, but each Land has its own laws and requirements regarding which events can be approved as educational leave.

In principle, educational leave should be taken over 5 consecutive days and should include the equivalent of 6 to 10 lessons per day.

In order to cover the needs expressed by each Land for which it has received approval(*), Lyon Bleu has specially created 4 eligible programmes for the Bildungsurlaub.

(*) In partnership with Bildungsurlaub Approval

Pupils in French classes

Bildungsurlaub 1


30 lessons/week

  • 25 group lessons/week
  • 5 tutoring lessons

Bildungsurlaub 2


35 lessons/week

  • 25 group lessons/week
  • 8 tutoring lessons
  • 1 cultural activity

Bildungsurlaub 3


40 lessons/week

  • 25 group lessons/week
  • 10 tutoring lessons
  • 2 cultural activities

Bildungsurlaub 4

Super Intensive

50 lessons/week

  • 25 group lessons/week
  • 5 individual lessons
  • 10 tutoring lessons
  • 4 cultural activities

Berlin, Brandenburg, Bremen, Rheinland-Pfalz, Thueringenbildungsurlaub



Baden-Württemberg, Hessen, Niedersachsen


Schleswig Holstein


2023 Awards:

Price : 260€/week

Price : 270€/week

Price : 280€/week

Price : 495€/week


The common foundation is a Intensive general French course to which are added complementary activities.


  • General French program intensive (25 lessons per week)

Every single day, a course (3 lessons of 45 minutes) + A workshop (2 lessons of 45 minutes) for a total of 5 lessons of 45 minutes/day.

Objectives of general communication in French and work on general language skills (vocabulary, oral and written production, grammar, oral and listening comprehension) related to the syllabus content of each level A2, B1, B2 and C1/C2.

Workshops are French courses dedicated to a specific objective and/or skill: Phonetics Workshop, Written Workshop, Oral Workshop, Culture Workshop, Grammar Workshop.

These are French-language reinforcement or practice activities that make it possible to work and develop knowledge in more targeted contexts.
Examples of activities in workshops according to the levels: phonetics, conversation, written expression, song, French practice, press/TV, dictation/spelling, grammar reinforcement, French culture, cinema, etc...

Teachers use the workshops to focus on an aspect of the language adapting the lessons to the needs of the group without being tied to the syllabus program.


  • Tutoring lessons

5 to 10 lessons of 45 minutes per week according to the Bildungsurlaub program.

Lessons in mini-groups with a teacher and sessions in autonomy thanks to our application which offers individual or group online resources, corrected complementary exercises, personalised learning paths, personalised correction or self-correction.


  • Individual lessons (Bildungsurlaub 4)

Per week, 5 one-to-one lessons of General French face to face with a private teacher for a totally tailor-made French program that adapts to each person's needs, objectives and level.


  • Cultural activities 

1 to 4 cultural activities depending on the programme (Bildungsurlaub 2, 3 and 4).

Every week, Lyon Bleu offers a programme of cultural activities: this varies throughout the year depending on the season and the cultural events of the city.

These activities allow above all to discover the French culture and the city of Lyon, but also to practice French, learning new vocabulary words, specific to a field.



Application fee : 80€.