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Learn French in Lyon with Lyon Bleu International !

Learn French for my work

Would you like to learn French or improve your French for reasons related to your professional career?

The French courses at Lyon Bleu International will give you the opportunity to immerse yourself in the French language and culture so that you can understand and express yourself easily and naturally in all communication situations related to your social and professional environment.


General French, professional French, improving oral or written skills, refreshing spelling, Lyon Bleu International offers you a variety of French language courses, in group courses, individual courses, online or in class.

All our French courses are 100% face to face with a teacher, in class or online.

Additional resources to reinforce your learning may be offered free of charge.

Français travail

Suggested Courses :

Individual French lessons
in class or online

Business French
in class or online

Evening Classes

French courses for French teachers

Bildungsurlaub - Training leave for German nationals

You are an individual:

Whichever French course you choose, our administrative and pedagogical team will be there to assist you individually with any request related to your programme and your progress.
You can finance your French language training at your own expense or by activating your CPF.
Contact us to tell us about your project. We will be happy to guide you to the French course that matches the time and budget you want to invest in your training, as well as your objectives.

You are a company:

You are looking for a French course for employees of your company, you are an employee and you can have your training financed by your company, Lyon Bleu International can offer you individualised French training programmes, in group or individual courses or in combined courses, intensive or extensive.
Contact us to present your training needs and we will send you a quote and a programme proposal.

Ministry of Labour

Ministry of Labour

Lyon Bleu International is a professional training organisation registered with the Rhône prefecture under number 82 69 0780369.

The French courses provided by Lyon Bleu International can be financed by individuals at their own expense, by their CPF or by companies for their employees.


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Lyon Bleu International is DATADOCK registered


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Erasmus +

Lyon Bleu International receives teaching and non-teaching staff in the framework of Erasmus +/ KA1 European staff mobility exchange projects: general French courses and professional training courses for French teachers

ID NUMBER: EI0043767


Suggested courses for your work:

Prices from Number of lessons
/per week In a group Individuals

French Business Option

professional business for professionals, businessmen and women, diplomats and clients who wish to improve their general and professional French skills in a very short time.

Packages of 5 or 10 lessons (1 lesson = 45 minutes)

Schedule: tailor-made

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275 €


5 or 10

General French Option Individual

Individual one-to-one general French course with a tutor to intensify a group program, to work in a personalized way on an aspect of the French language or for those who want a totally customized French program.

We will work on a tailor-made French program for you according to your needs, your objectives and your level..

Schedule: tailor-made

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240 €


5 or 10

Online evening classes

  • Do you work or study during the day?
  • Do you need to improve your level of French?

The online General French evening course of Lyon Bleu is for you.

Log in from home on your computer for an evening French course from 1h30 per week.
You will be integrated into a group of students corresponding to your level.
Your learning experience will be similar to that of a traditional classwith interaction with other participants and your teacher.


2 lessons per week (Tuesday evenings from 6:00 pm to 7:30 pm) in groupe from 4 to 8 people.
Packages of 4, 8, 12, 16, 20 or 24 weeks.

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30 €



French for teachers of French - Year-round program

This course is composed of two parts: language development in general French classes and workshops with a focus on teaching pratice

Language development with:

15 lessons of 45 minutes per week
Placement in an international group corresponding to the level of the participant after written and oral evaluation

Workshops with a focus on teaching practice:

6 Lessons of 45 minutes per week distributed in 3 thematic workshops to choose from 2 lessons of 45 minutes
One-to-one workshops with a focus on teaching practrice

Program possible 1, 2 or 3 consecutive weeks or not consecutive

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385 €



French for teachers of French - Thematic courses

Are you looking for a more specific training, mainly focused on improving your pedagogy and your classroom practice?
Do you want to update your skills in pedagogical and didactic techniques?

Lyon Bleu International offers you 2 thematic educational courses designed for the continuing professional development of teachers of French.


One week, Monday to Friday for a total of 25 lessons of 45 minutes per week = 15 lessons of pedagogical workshops + 10 lessons of language workshops level C1

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415 €



Bildungsurlaub - Training leave for German nationals

In Germany, educational leave, Bildungsurlaub, is the right to paid leave for the worker's further education.

Training leave is not regulated throughout Germany, but each Land has its own laws and requirements regarding the events that can be approved as training leave.

In principle, training leave must be taken over 5 consecutive days and must include the equivalent of 6 to 10 lessons per day.

In order to cover the needs expressed by each Land for which it has received approval, Lyon Bleu created four programmes eligible for the Bildungsurlaub.

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260 €

25 + 5