Register for a French course

To register for a French programm at Lyon Bleu International :

1 Please read carefully le School Rules and Regulations and the training contract before registering

2. Fill in and send the registration form and state if you wish Lyon Bleu International to help you find accommodation


3. On receipt of the confirmation of registration, pay 30% of the totality of the courses registered for (round down the cents) + registration fee (55€) 

If you request accommodation: 

+ 55€ accommodation booking fee.
+ 150€ advance payment for homestay accommodation only

  • On reception of the registration form , Lyon Bleu International will send you a confirmation by e-mail  indicating the precise date of reception of your documents no later than 48 hours

  • The student has a maximum of 10 working days to change his/her mind as and from the date of reception of the registration form. Any request to change/cancel classes which have been registered for, must be made in writing by post (registered post is preferable as Lyon Bleu International cannot be held responsible for any delays caused by irregularities with postal services).

  • After this period of 10 days, no refund of your deposit is possible however it is still possible to modify your registration (dates and classes chosen) with the one condition that the modifications may not result in a total course fee which is less than the deposit already made

4. Before you arrive:

You will take a written test 

You will pay the outstanding balance  for your course (and  for your accommodation  if it has been requested).

Methods of payment for Registration deposit and outstanding balance

  • by cash if you pay at Lyon Bleu Internationalÿ directly
  • by VISA or MASTERCARD credit cards
  • by bank transfer (All bank admin fees incurred to be paid by the student). We will calculate the outstanding balance according to the money actually credited on the school bank account.

Bank details :




Banque: 10096    

Guichet 18506

N° de compte: 00064097801 Clé 67

IBAN: FR 76 1009 6185 0600 0640 9780 167


5. The first day of classes (Monday) you must come at 8.00 am to Lyon Bleu International for the oral part of the test which will confirm your level and group and for a reception and information meeting.

6. Cancellation and refunds:

see Rules and Regulations

7. IMPORTANT§ For students/people applying for a visa to France

Students travelling from other countries declare themselves to be conform with the demands of French law and administrative procedures (passport, visa, residence permit etc.) and to be covered by a personal insurance in case of accident, illness or damage/injury caused to a third party or third party goods. Written proof is required.

You may need a visa to travel to, and study in France.

We suggest to registering at least 50/60 days before the starting date of the course.

To verify whether you need a visa or not : please click here.
The general rule is :
– if your stay is for less than 3 months, you don't require a visa,
– if your stay is for more than 3 months then you need a visa. The student declares his/herself to be informed of the conditions necessary for obtaining a visa before beginning the registration procedure or making any payments to Lyon Bleu International.

Beyond the limit for changing one’s mind (10 days from reception by Lyon Bleu International of the registration form) , the student commits his/herself to the payment of a first installment of 30%

Once money is credited to our bank account, A CERTIFICATE OF PRE-REGISTRATION will be provided at the request of the student.

Cancellation and refunds in case of visa refusal: see Rules and Regulations