School rules and regulations

Your registration for a course at Lyon Bleu International (LBI) implies your acceptance of all of the following internal policies and regulations:
Lyon Bleu International is a certified French organization for professional training, n° préfectoral : 82 69 07803 69 .
All French language training provided by Lyon Bleu International is professional training, open to all persons, in order to acquire, maintain or perfect their French language skills.

LBI premises have 2 clearly marked exits, each one indicated by a brightly lit panel. In the event of danger or of fire, all students must follow the instructions indicated on the information panel located at the main entry to the premises and located in every classroom. Students must also follow the instructions given by the staff of Lyon Bleu International present at the time.

It is forbidden to smoke in the building or to throw cigarettes, extinguished or lit, into the dustbins. The use of alcohol or drugs is forbidden in LBI premises. Students are asked to adopt a courteous and respectful attitude towards material and people in the school and to be punctual for classes. Teachers have the right to refuse entry to class to students who arrive more than 15 minutes after the start of class.
LBI reserves the right to expel students who are repeatedly disrespectful of LBI rules of behavior. In such cases, LBI will not be obliged to refund any fees paid by the student for tuition, accommodation or any other services. LBI will not assume any responsibility for any other costs resulting from the expulsion.

LBI is covered by an insurance policy which protects the individuals, furnishings and equipment located in LBI premises. This insurance also protects all individuals participating in official school activities including those occurring outside LBI premises. Students studying at LBI who originate from countries outside France must declare themselves to be in compliance with all the requirements of French law and administrative procedures (passport, visa, residence permit etc.). Students also must show written proof that they have adequate personal insurance in case of accident, illness or damage/injury caused to a third party or third-party possessions..

Students wishing to enroll for courses at LBI must use the designated LBI registration form. This registration form serves as and replaces a contract for individual professional training as set out in article L 6313-1 du code du travail.
In order to register, students must:
• Pay a deposit equal to 30% of the total course fee plus a non-refundable 55 € registration fee upon receipt of the confirmation of registration
• If students request accommodation to be provided by LBI, they must also pay a deposit of 150 € plus a non-refundable 45 € accommodation booking fee
• Students also agree to pay the balance of all fees owing upon receipt of the request for the balance.
Lyon Bleu International reserves the right to cancel a service or a class/course if payment is not made on time. In such cases, LBI will notify students in advance before the cancellation.

There are no refunds for lost services in case of students’ late arrival or early departure: Once a student begins a course, all fees are due in full, in accordance with the terms of the registration form signed by the student.
Students may cancel a course within 10 days after receipt of the confirmation of registration from LBI, on condition that this cancellation occurs more than 10 days before the start date of the course.
Such request for cancellation must be made by email to
In such a case, if a student has already paid the deposit, 100% of the amount paid as deposit will be refunded minus the non-refundable registration fee of 55 € and the non-refundable accommodation booking fee of 45 €
All requests for cancellation and refunds must be in writing at and respect the following terms:
• The registration fee of 55 € and accommodation booking fee of 45 € are non-refundable
• If the request for cancellation is made 30 days or more before the start date of classes, 100% of any deposit paid will be refunded.
• If the request for cancellation is made between 29 and 18 days before the start date of classes, 50% of the deposit mentioned in the registration confirmation will be refunded
• If the request for cancellation is made 17 days of fewer before the start date of classes, the deposit/balance will not be refunded.

Lyon Bleu International is committed to respond within 48 hours (excluding weekends) and it is the mailing date of the cancellation request which will be used in determining the application refund, if any.
In the case of courses which are cancelled by Lyon Bleu International, the remaining classes which have not been taken by the student will be refunded 100%.
A group class cannot be changed into a one-to-one course and vice versa upon request of the student. The student may request a change of group program for a value and duration equal to or above the fees and the duration for which the student initially registered. Such requests for changes will be accepted subject to availability of Lyon Bleu International and will be confirmed only after payment of any added fee required.

Concerning students applying for an entry visa to France :
All students must take the necessary steps to inform themselves of the conditions necessary for obtaining a visa to enter France before beginning the registration procedure or making any payments to Lyon Bleu International.

LBI will provide a certificate of pre-registration upon payment of the registration fee(s) and accommodation reservation fee(s). It is possible that an advance course payment (partial or full) may be requested to assist students in obtaining a visa to enter France. Under such circumstances, in the case of a visa refusal, this full or partial payment will be refunded (less registration fees and accommodation booking fees) on presentation of the correct documents issued from the appropriate consular authorities proving the visa refusal.
At least 18 days before the start of the course, students must pay the deposit payment of 30% of the course price (advance + accommodation) or choose to postpone their course (see section 7).
In the absence of payment of this deposit 18 days or more before the starting date of the course, Lyon Bleu International has the right to cancel course and accommodation.

Request for Cancellation or Postponement of Services for reasons of force majeure: (illness, death in the family, or serious injury sustained in an accident)
All requests for cancellation of services and refund of fees for reasons of force majeure must be made in writing to the address
This request can be made either before the start of or during the student’s program.
For French courses and accommodation in host family: A refund of prepaid fees may be considered subject to submission by the student of appropriate supporting documents (certified translation into English or French) and subject to approval of the request by Lyon Bleu International. Requests for refunds for reasons of work or study in France or in the country of origin are not considered as cases of force majeure. Once a week has started, there are no refunds for French courses or accommodation in host family for services in that week.
Request for postponement: As an alternative to canceling the French course and accommodation in host family, students may also choose to postpone the starting date or the ending date of the services (once the course has started) according to the requirements of Article 7 of these Regulations.

For people staying in a hotel or a residence: see section 10 of these Regulations.

In order to postpone the start date of a course, the student must submit the request in writing by email to at least 18 days before the original start date of the course (or later only in the case of force majeure).
After submitting a request for postponement to Lyon Bleu International, the student then has two months from the date of receipt of the request of postponement to communicate to Lyon Bleu International the new start date. The new start date must be no later than six months after the original start date. The student must also pay a € 55 administrative fee.

A student may only request to postpone the end date of a course in cases of force majeure. The student must submit the request in writing by email to specifying the new end date. The new end date must be no later than six months after the original end date. The student must also pay a € 55 administrative fee.

It is possible to ask for a holiday (an interruption of studies) by making a written request to the administrative office 18 days or more before the desired holiday starting date and with the following conditions:
- For students studying courses 13 to 24 weeks in length, students may request a holiday of a maximum of 2 consecutive weeks
- For students studying courses of 25 weeks or more, students may request 2 holiday breaks of a maximum of 2 consecutive weeks each
Holiday breaks must begin on Mondays.
For such students, their new course ending date will be postponed according to the number of holiday weeks taken.
Students must pay in advance an administrative fee of € 35 for each holiday request.
If students wish to keep their family home during the holiday, there will be no refund of the fees for the unused weeks of accommodation services.
If students wish to vacate their room in their family home during the holiday but leave their luggage with that family, students must pay 85 € per week for such service.

Minimum age: 18
Bank holidays
The school is open all year round except for two weeks during the Christmas period.
Please note that the school is closed during French bank holidays unless otherwise stated.
You can find all these dates on the calendar published on our website.
For Intensive programs between 1 and 4 weeks in length, lessons falling on bank holidays will be refunded or replaced by a cultural activity. For any other program between 1 and 4 weeks in length, lessons falling on bank holidays will be replaced. For any other program, lessons won’t be replaced or refunded.
Group classes
Our groups contain a maximum of 12 students.
The minimum number of students necessary for a class is 3.
If the number of students in a group is less than 3, the class is considered equivalent to a one-to-one class. Under such circumstances, Lyon Bleu International reserves the right to implement the following changes:
A course consisting of 3 lessons becomes 2 lessons.
A course consisting of 2 lessons becomes 1 lesson.
Levels and Tests
All students enrolled must take the written placement test before arrival and oral placement test on the day of arrival
The minimum level of French necessary to participate to classes in LBI is A1/Virtual Beginner. However, Complete Beginners are permitted to start studies on the dates indicated on our calendar
If a student registered for a Virtual Beginner class is shown to be a Complete Beginner at the oral placement test, Lyon Bleu International will not be able to guarantee group lessons for such a student. Such students will be asked to convert their course into "Special French Course Complete Beginner Formula No. 2" and will be required to pay the difference in cost.

Lyon Bleu International is acting as agent on behalf of the student, the family and the residence.
Arrivals on Sundays, departures on Saturdays. Any supplementary nights will be charged extra.
Students who reserve accommodation via Lyon Bleu International and who then wish to change the type of accommodation on arrival must provide a substantiated and written request to LBI.
LBI reserves the right to refuse such a change if the reasons given by the student do not seem sufficient. In this case, if the student persists in the request to change accommodation, LBI will allow the change and will ask the student to pay a penalty of € 150. The accommodation booking fee of € 45 will be repaid.
Students who wish to extend their accommodation should ideally check availability 18 days or more before the beginning of the extension.
Students who wish to extend their accommodation but 1) require a change of host family or residence or 2) cannot remain in the same accommodation due to lack of availability, will pay another accommodation booking fee of 45 €. Students must be aware of rules and conditions of the residence or hotel where they reside and refer to them in the event of cancellation request or early departure (Force Majeure cases included)
The € 150 deposit for accommodation will be refunded to the student or deducted from the outstanding balance for tuition fees. The 45 € accommodation booking fee will be retained even in the event of a request of cancellation or in the event that LBI cannot provide homestay. In July and August, LBI cannot guarantee a homestay if registration is made 18 days or fewer before the course start date.

Students may request a taxi service to greet them in Lyon on arrival, either at the airport or train stations. The fee for this service is 70 € and is payable in advance. Students must provide precise details of their arrival time and place and a contact phone number active in France at least 7 days prior to arrival. No refund can be requested in the event of a missed reception by taxi if students are not present at the agreed time and place.

At the end of classes, LBI will provide a certificate of attendance on the last week of classes. This certificate will be provided only if the student has attended a minimum of 70 % of the programmed classes.
LBI expects students to attend all classes and to arrive for all classes on time. This benefits all students from the point of view of learning. As well, students must attend in order to fulfil the requirements of the French visa and/or residence permit. LBI may notify the appropriate authorities of any prolonged unjustified absence on the part of students.

All students / clients have the possibility to meet with the management of LBI concerning any complaints or comments they may have – day to day functioning of classes, accommodation, payment and billing, health and safety conditions, the application of school regulations and any other subject they deem of concern. They can speak with any of the administrative staff in accordance with the conditions outlined in the document «Reclamations » which is posted in the student foyer and included in the welcome pack that all students receive upon arrival in Lyon Bleu International.
Lyon Bleu International is acting as agent of the student for any service on cultural activities, transport and accommodation by special request of the student. Lyon Bleu International cannot be held responsible for any damage suffered by the student under these terms.

All students give permission to Lyon Bleu International to use their comments, testimonials and images / photos in promotional materials by accepting this internal regulation.