Training for French Teachers

Learn French in Lyon

This course is designed with two separate components :

- to help you improve your French-language ability
- to allow you to advance and sharpen your teaching and professional skills   


- Enhance your language proficiency
- Share best teaching practices with fellow teachers

For the French instruction, you will join a group class composed of adult students from around the world, at a level appropriate to your abilities.

For the teaching and professional skills, you will participate in workshops with fellow teachers of French (if you select the summer study format) or with a member of the French teaching team at Lyon Bleu (if you study outside the summer months).

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Choose between 2 course formats:

style Summer time style Year round

If you choose to study during the summer months, you will receive a total of 30 lessons of 45 minutes per week, 15 in group classes for the French instruction and 15 in teaching workshops.

If you chose to study outside of the summer months, you will receive a total of 21 lessons of 45 minutes per week, 15 in group classes for the French instruction plus 6 of one-to-one teaching workshops.

domain You need accommodation


visibility General objective:

Provide participants with ways to improve their French language skills and knowledge
Provide them with up-to-date input on teaching skills, techniques and methods
Improve their management of pupils’ skills acquisition
Encourage the exchange of ideas regarding best practices

visibility Specific Objectives:

Develop, renew and enrich the educational awareness and practice of the participant through various modules and practical, creative and innovative workshops

Develop in participants their competence to teach French with a focus on learning outcomes organized around the knowledge, skills, attitudes and language-learning techniques to be acquired, and the assessment of the achievement of these outcomes

Diversify and update the skills of the participants pertaining to classroom planning and management, so they can help their pupils develop creativity and communication abilities

visibility Methodology and media:

Based on a needs analysis of participants , the methodology will be based on:

Balance between theory and practice
Consideration and exchange of views on best practices
Design of activities and the creation of educational materials
Survey of instructional approaches and media
Review of the knowledge and skills of CEFR and their evaluation